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Are you on track?

Check if you are on track for the standard of living you want in retirement in four simple steps:

1. Choose the retirement living standard you are aiming for.

2. Choose your target retirement age.

3. Compare the living standard you’re aiming for with your estimated pension.

4. Work out what the difference is to see if you’re on track for the retirement living standard that you want.

Use the Retirement savings tracker to help you pull together all your figures to see if you’re on track.

You’ll be able to find a number of the figures you need in section one of your most recent pension statement.

On track?

If your two numbers match up (or it looks like you're ahead of target) – great! It looks like you’re on track for the retirement that you want.

Not quite there yet?

If they don’t match up yet – don’t worry, you might need to save a little more or re-examine your plans.

Read the What's next? section to find out what action you can take.

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