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Life Events

Maternity, paternity and adoption leave

If you go on maternity, paternity or adoption leave, you’ll carry on paying contributions based on the pensionable earnings you actually receive.

For example, if you normally save 5% of your pensionable earnings into your pension, you’ll continue to pay 5% in, but the amount that you save may be a little lower if you are receiving less pay.

You'll still be covered for the full range of benefits, including the usual life cover that will be based on your pay in the 12 months before your leave begins. If you make contributions through salary sacrifice, see the statutory maternity pay section under Making contributions.

For more information about what life cover you could receive, visit the 'After you die' section.

In DC Start and DC Core, your account will carry on building up from the contributions you and Nestlé make. It will remain invested and its value will go up and down depending on how your investments perform.

In DB Core and DB CorePlus, you will build up pensionable service during the whole period of leave, providing you return to work at the end of your leave. If you do not return to work, your benefits will be calculated as if you had left the Fund at the time you stopped contributing.