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Extra support

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on this website, there are a number of trusted contacts and resources who can offer the support you need.

Independent Financial Advice

Neither Nestlé, nor the Trustee, can give you financial advice about your pension or investments. Therefore, it is recommended that you seek independent financial advice when considering your options.


This will give you a list of Independent Financial Advisers in your area.

Guidance on your pension and finances

MoneyHelper is a Government backed service which aims to make your money and pension choices clearer. It provides guidance on your money and pensions, and can also point you to trusted services if you need more support.

MoneyHelper also offers a selection of interactive tools that can help you understand how much is being contributed into your pension each month and what you might be on track to receive when you retire.


Workplace pension contribution calculator:

Pension calculator:

MoneyHelper also includes Pension Wise which is a government service that offers free, impartial guidance about your defined contribution pension options.

An appointment with Pension Wise is free, will help you understand what your overall financial situation will be when you retire and could help you make important retirement decisions.

Read more about Pension Wise and book your free appointment through its dedicated section on the MoneyHelper website.


Might you have any other pensions?

Tracing lost pensions

If you have lost track of a pension you can trace it by contacting the Pension Tracing Service online.

Tel: 0800 731 0193


Pension Tracing Service,
The Pension Service 9,
Mail Handling Site A,
Wolverhampton, WV98 1LU

Information about the State pension

Visit, the Government’s information website for information on the State Pension including how much you’re due to receive and when you’ll be paid it.


For information about workplace pensions

If you’ve worked for another company before joining Nestlé you may have pension savings with another pension provider and, if you were eligible, automatically enrolled into a pension by your employer., the government’s information website, has a section on workplace pension schemes including automatic enrolment.


Who regulates pensions in the UK?

The Pensions Regulator

The Pensions Regulator regulates how occupational pension arrangements like the Fund are run, and can intervene if trustees, employers or professional advisers have failed in their duties.


The Pensions Regulator,
Napier House,
Trafalgar Place,
Brighton BN1 4DW

Financial Conduct Authority

The Financial Conduct Authority regulates the financial services industry in the UK and provides information for consumers about all aspects of financial planning, including how to find an adviser and what questions to ask.

Tel: 0800 111 6768