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How the Fund is run

The Fund is set up under a Trust and is governed by a legal document called the ‘Trust Deed and Rules’. The Fund’s assets (including members’ DC Start and DC Core accounts) are held in a different place to Nestlé’s assets and can only be used to benefit members and their beneficiaries. All the benefits described on this website are provided directly from the Fund unless we have said otherwise. The Fund is a registered pension scheme under the Finance Act 2004, which means that you get some tax advantages, such as tax relief on what you pay into the Fund.

More details about the Fund are set out in the Trust Deed and Rules, the legal document governing the Fund. This document, along with other Fund documents such as the full Trustee Report and Accounts, Valuation Report, Schedule of Contributions, Statement of Funding Principles and Statement of Investment Principles can be requested from Nestlé Pensions.

The Trust Deed and Rules will always overrule this website or any scheme booklets that we may have issued in the past in the event of any inconsistencies.

Your trustee board

The Fund is managed by a Trustee Company, Nestlé UK Pension Trust Ltd. There are currently eight Trustee Directors – four appointed by Nestlé UK and four nominated by the active and pensioner members (and are known as member-nominated Trustee Directors). The Directors are responsible for running the Fund in your best interests. Nestlé Pensions manages the day-to-day running of the Fund on behalf of the Trustee.

Member-Nominated Trustee Directors

Marcus Barry
Employee Member
Marcus is a Business Manager for 1st Choice Sales based in Gatwick and has worked for Nestlé for nearly 30 years. Prior to joining Nestlé, he worked for two years within the occupational pensions industry. Marcus joined the Trustee Board as a Member-Nominated Trustee Director in 2015.
Barbara Firth
Pensioner Member
Barbara worked for Nestlé and Rowntree in York for over 28 years. She was secretary to the Managing Director of the Confectionery Division, and briefly ran the Joseph Rowntree Library before moving into the Human Resources function. She retired from Nestlé to set up a boutique Bed & Breakfast with her husband. Barbara joined the Trustee Board in 2014 when she wound up their business.
Steve Robinson
Employee Member
Steve has worked for Nestlé in York for over 23 years in a variety of engineering and production roles. He joined the Trustee Board as a Member-Nominated Trustee Director in 2014. Before that he spent two years as a Member Representative on the Fund’s forum for employee members.
David Baxter
Pensioner Member
David worked for Nestlé for over 30 years and was a Pension Members Representative at Gatwick and Croydon for over five years. A certified engineer, he was the Nestlé representative to European Coffee Associations (including Committee Chairman), and Global Head of Green Coffee Quality.

Nestlé UK-appointed Trustee Directors

Malcolm Burridge
Employee Member
Malcolm is the Finance Manager for Nestlé Professional UK & Ireland based in Gatwick. He has worked for Nestlé in a variety of Finance roles for over 15 years, including Group Finance, Supply Chain Finance and the LGO (‘Local Globe Organisation’). He joined the Trustee Board as a Nestlé-appointed Trustee Director in February 2016 and is excited to work on the big challenges workplace pensions face in the UK. Malcolm is Chairman of the Governance & Compliance Committee.
John Chilman
Independent Trustee
John is an experienced pensions and reward professional who recently joined the Trustee Board in August 2016. He is currently the Group Head of Pensions at National Grid and Chairman of the Railways Pension Scheme, as well as having a number of trustee appointments in North America. He is chairman of the Defined Contribution Committee.
Steve Delo
Independent Trustee
Steve is Chief Executive of PAN Governance LLP and former President of the Pensions Management Institute. The PAN Group provides trusteeship and governance services to all types of approved pension schemes. Prior to joining PAN, he held senior roles in pension consulting and asset management. Steve joined the Trustee Board in May 2015 and was appointed Chairman in February 2016. He is also chairman of the Valuation Committee.
Irene Donaldson
Employee Member
Irene is a Learning & Development Specialist based in Gatwick. She has worked for Nestlé UK Ltd for 31 years, in various roles in Marketing, Sales and Human Resources. Irene joined the Trustee Board as a Nestlé-appointed Trustee Director in February 2016, bringing her experience of issue analysis, decision making and communications, all key to the complex role of the Trustee in today’s economic climate.

Member representatives

Every three years, members currently working for Nestlé (active members) can vote to elect one or more Member Representatives from active members at their site. There is roughly one Member Representative for every 100 active members or one for each site, if a site has less than 100 active members. Member Representatives act as a link between active members, Nestlé Pensions and the Fund Trustees. They meet with representatives from Nestlé Pensions twice a year, when they are told about current issues surrounding the Fund and pensions in general. They can also raise any specific questions that members may have or report any pensions-related concerns affecting the general membership. You can find details of the Member Representatives for your site in the pensions section of the Nest or by contacting Nestlé Pensions.

General information

Changing or closing the Fund

Nestlé has the power to close the Fund at any time by giving the Trustee one month’s written notice of its intention to stop making contributions to the Fund. Nestlé may also make changes to the Fund, but it has to have the consent of the Trustee and must consult with members.

Ownership of benefits

Your Fund benefits are strictly personal. They can’t be transferred to any other person. And they can’t be used as security for a loan. If you try to do this, you might lose some or all of your benefits.

Keeping you informed

You will get a pension statement every year showing your individual Fund benefits. You will also receive the annual Fund newsletter, Pensions News. If you would prefer to get an online newsletter sent to you by email, along with other non-personalised communications, please complete the paperless opt-in form (if you haven’t already done so). The Trust Deed and Rules, the full Trustee Report and Accounts, the Statement of Investment Principles, the latest actuarial valuation report and the Schedule of Contributions can be requested from Nestlé Pensions.