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Need help with your Online Account?

On this page, you’ll find help for solving common Online Account problems or guidance on where to find the answers you need. If you can’t find the problem you’re experiencing on this page, you may need to contact us for further support.

Help with common problems

Getting further support

If you can’t find help with the problem you’re experiencing under our help with common problems section, you may need further support.

To get the help you need, email our support inbox. To help us resolve your query more quickly, please include the following in your email.


Your full name and member number.


Where you’re experiencing the problem and what device you’re using – for example, are you at the York site on a mobile phone, at home on a tablet, or at the Crawley office on a laptop?


A full description of the problem you’re having.


If possible, a screenshot of the problem you’re experiencing, or any error message you might be getting – unless this contains any personal or sensitive information.

Don’t send any screenshots of passwords, personal details or pension figures in your email.