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Joining the Fund

Why join?

Welcome to Nestlé. There are many great reasons why you might want to start saving for your future. Here are our top three:

Enough money to enjoy your retirement

We all like to think that we’ll have more freedom in retirement. It’s a chance to tick things off our bucket lists, spend more time with family and have the flexibility to make the most of our time.

But it’s worth planning ahead so that you can afford the comfortable retirement you might be aiming for. Now that we’re living longer, we have even more time to plan for. This means that many of us will need to put more aside while we work.

Your savings and the investment returns build up

The younger you are when you start saving, the longer your pension account will have to build up over time. The money in your account is invested, and if your investments perform well, the value of your ‘investment returns’ (the money that your investments make) gets added to your retirement savings account. Over time, if your investments continue to perform well, these ‘investment returns’ can build up and provide returns on top of the returns.

Nestlé adds to your pension account

Also, Nestlé rewards you for saving into a pension savings account – the more you pay in, the more Nestlé contributes - and with tax relief on your pension contributions and National Insurance savings if you pay through salary sacrifice, the cost to you is far less than the amount going into your account.