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Coronavirus (Covid-19) - an update from the Nestlé Pensions team

The coronavirus outbreak means that individuals and companies need to change the way they work. As a result, the Nestlé Pensions team, along with many other teams around the UK, has moved to home working to try and limit the spread of the coronavirus.

We have introduced measures that ensure the safety of the team and their families, but which also ensure we can continue to deliver the services you need. However, these measures do affect the team’s ability to respond to telephone calls.

Therefore, if you do have questions about your pension, or changes to report in your circumstances, please contact the team by email ( where possible.

You can also continue to contact the team in writing at:

Nestlé Pensions
1 City Place

While the pensions team expects to be able to continue to perform most tasks, and is working hard to process requests as normal, please understand that there may be delays in responding to your request.

No change to your pension payments

Your monthly pension payments will continue as normal. Our processes that enable us to pay your pension each month remain in place.

You may have heard about the falls in stock markets and the uncertainties surrounding investments in the media recently – it’s likely that this uncertainty will continue for a while.

However, please rest assured that the Nestlé UK Pension Fund has an investment strategy in place that ensures there is enough money each month to pay pensions as and when they are due. Our ability to pay your pension is not affected by short term volatility in investment markets.

As normal, we will shortly be writing to you with details of the annual increase that will apply to your pension.